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Contemporary Realities of Immigrant Youth

The participation of immigrant youth in the Canadian labour market is a predictor of their social integration as well as their economic well-being (Anucha et al., 2017). Educational outcomes, bridging networks, English language proficiency, cultural adaptation, and Canadian work experiences are challenges faced by immigrant youth in securing work in Canada.

The OHG acknowledges these challenges and allows all young immigrants & Canadians to thrive using their potential. We use strengths-based perspectives and systems theory.

Work Cited:Anucha, U., Bernard, M., & Anucha, A. (2017). The well-being of youth from immigrant and refugee families. In M. C. Yan, & U. Anucha (Eds.), Working with Immigrants and refugees: Issues, theories, and approaches for social work and human service practice (pp. 244-266). Toronto, ON: Oxford University Press.

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