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The Art of Igniting Your Inner Wealth : Discovering Your E-Beauty

Are you a newcomer or someone who wants to optimize your potential and capacities in self-branding?

Workshop Content:

  • Quantum Leap Thinking (QLT): The Thinking process to enhance your value in the Marketplace
  • The T.M.D.A effect and its relationship to the results you achieve
  • Understanding the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and how to apply it to lead customers, interviewers, employees
  • The importance of The Law of Expectations to Unleash your greatness
  • Project Management: How to establish your Critical Path Methodology to reach your Objectives

Date: November 10th, 2022 (Thursday)

Platform: Zoom Workshop (Online)

Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Fees: No Cost (free)

Guest Speaker:

Omar Benidir

CEO & Founder of Executive 2000 Institute

Mr. Omar Benidir is the CEO and Founder of Executive 2000 Institute, an International reputed consulting firm for Business Sciences and Higher Education. He is the co-author of MMI- Made Easy, the Easy path to Medical School and higher education programs. Mr. Benidir also co-wrote the bestselling book, The Inner Global Village, a leadership and character-building journey that prepares your children today for tomorrow’s success. or call (905) 946-8898 ext.3 to register

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