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Career Advancement Programs

As the first pillar of our service areas, career advancement programs focus on initial career development. Along the pathway of the initial career development, OneHub Growth will walk you through your pre-employment journey by offering goal-based programs.

Our mentorship program for newcomers is the core element of the initial career development. Through partnership, mentors and mentees are working together to achieve the employment outcomes. 


Newcomers face challenges and barriers to integrating into the Canadian labour force, such as needing the recognition of foreign credentials and experiences, a lack of social connections, and access to professional help. Our career advancement programs have a one-on-one mentorship program and career networking opportunities for newcomers.

Pictured: six Asian youth smiling and laughing together.

Persons with Special Needs

Persons with special needs experience barriers and challenges, such as a lack of social skills, limited social connections, unemployment, income insecurity, lack of access to community resources, social exclusion, and stigmatization. OneHub Growth recognizes the rights of persons with special needs and respects them as People of Determination. Our career advancement program provides long-term market integration for persons with special needs.

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