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Career-related Programs

As the first pillar of our service areas, career development and employment programs focus on two domains: (1) Initial career development and (2) long-term job market integration.

Along the pathway of the initial career development, OneHub Growth will walk you through your job search and pre-employment journey. Our immediate goal is to help you remove your barriers and upskill your knowledge base. Our service users will acquire knowledge, skills, and connections to prepare for the Canadian job market.

To achieve long-term job market integration, the concept of placement programs aim at matching your skills and qualifications with employment opportunities at the Canadian workplace. With our intermediate goal, service users such as newcomers, youth, women, and mature workers are empowered to fully participate in the Canadian job market.

Initial Career Development Programs

Initial Career Development Programs are OneHub Growth’s pre-employment initiative to help individuals remove barriers when finding employment and develop skill sets on top of their knowledge base.

Mentorship Program

Our mentoring program focuses on developing individuals by equipping them with specific skill sets based on their needs. These skill sets that they will establish, or enhance will guide them to a smoother transition in attaining a higher level of career success.

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