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Contemporary Realities of Older Adults

By 2036, the number of seniors in Canada could reach up to 10.9 million people. OneHub Growth acknowledges this demographic shift and strives to address the challenges arising from our ageing population. According to the Out of the Shadows report, older adults may experience mental health problems such as depression or anxiety, cognitive difficulties such as dementia, and physical illnesses associated with aging.

There is also the effect of ageism in Canadian society. Older adults who live with a mental health issue may face a “double whammy” of stigma. It is the stigma of being older along with the stigma of mental illness. When it comes to immigrant populations, older immigrants may even experience social isolation, language barriers, and financial insecurity.

To work with older adults, OneHub Growth addresses the social determinants of health, such as social isolation. We provide digital communication skills programs to help older adults maintain social connections with others.


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