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eStore Project

for People of Determination

What is the e-Store project for People of Determination?

This is an inclusive and self-advocacy project for persons with special needs to help them gain income security and alleviate social exclusion. The concept of the eStore Project is characterized by:

  • an eStore operated by Persons with special needs
  • Four (4) themes of products and services: (i) Eco-Friendly; (ii) Self-care; (iii) Lifestyle; (iv) Connect People
  • receiving products and services as donations or purchasing at production cost from private sectors
  • The Provision of on-the-job training for persons with special needs

Project Objectives:

  • Build an inclusive environment where persons with special needs feel welcome
  • Provide opportunities to utilize their skills and knowledge
  • Remove barriers to economic participation
  • Alleviate social exclusion experienced by persons with special needs
  • Help develop a greater sense of self-efficacy

Project Outcomes:

Through our e-store of Determination, they can:

  • Participate in economic activities effectively
  • Achieve labour market integration
  • Improve job opportunities
  • Achieve income security
  • Improve social skills and communication.
  • Alleviate social exclusion

The eStore Project for People of Determination will be launched in Spring 2023.

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