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Initial Career Development Programs

What are Initial Career Development Programs?

Initial Career Development Programs are OneHub Growth’s pre-employment initiative to help individuals remove barriers when finding employment and develop skill sets on top of their knowledge base.

Why does this pre-employment initiative exist?

No matter what employment identities you have, you may potentially face barriers such as English as a second language, lack of knowledge about the job search processes, and lack of a supporting network during your pre-employment journey. Initial Career Development Programs acknowledge your challenges and play a role in removing your barriers.

Who can benefit from the programs?

Both job seekers and self-employed persons can benefit from this initiative by learning new skills, building connections and credentials that are essential to your initial career development.

1-day Essential Employability Skills Program

Our pre-employment programs acknowledge the importance of Essential Employability Skills in the workplace and incorporate these requirements into a job-seeking journey as part of our course curriculum.

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