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Rise of Precarious Employment

One of the structural factors that prohibit employment success for newcomers is the rise of precarious employment (Wilson, Sakamoto, & Chin, 2017). The concept of precarious employment relates to people whose standard (e.g., full-time) or non-standard employment (e.g., part-time) is low paid and has no medical benefits or a pension plan (Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, 2012-21).


  • Having multiple jobs with low wages
  • Having great risk of injury and ill health
  • Working part-time and temporarily, on term or contract
  • Working full-time for low wages, with minimal or no benefits, such as no pension plan
  • Being solo self-employed with no employees

We address precarious employment and support the standard employment relationship, which is characterized by full-time, secure employment, having access to good wages and benefits (Law Commission of Ontario, 2020).


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