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New Horizons for Seniors Program

Seniors Support Seniors
in Health-related English

Seniors Support Seniors in Health-related English 

長者支持長者,學習健康英語 :

OneHub Growth is delighted to announce that we have received federal grants for the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP). To make a difference in the lives of seniors, our community-based project is entitled “Seniors Support Seniors in Health-related English.”

OneHub Growth 於二零二三年已正式獲取聯邦政府「New Horizons for Seniors Program」 的撥款。這個社區項目名為 “Seniors Support Seniors in Health-related English” 「長者互相支持,齊學習健康相關英語」的社區項目。

Program Objectives 計劃目標 :

Our primary objective is to promote social inclusion by removing language barriers in accessing healthcare services and empowering seniors to participate actively in the community. This project wants to achieve the idea of seniors helping seniors. An ESL Instructor and volunteers are seniors with an immigrant background who share similar identities with all participants.


Program Participants 計劃參與者 : 

Seniors 55 or above face challenges in English communication in accessing health care and would like to learn health-related English in different health settings.


Program Administrator/Volunteers 項目員工/義工 :

  • Seniors who demonstrate administrative skills and are passionate about contributing their skills to the community. 項目員工是有管理經驗,並熱衷於為社區服務的年長人士
  • Seniors with health-related backgrounds, such as retired nurses and opticians, will take on the roles of group facilitators. 義工是具有醫療相關背景的退休人士,例如護士和醫生,並擔任小組助理。

Program Elements 計劃元素 :

  • Learning health-related vocabulary 學習醫療相關的生詞
  • Actively participating in a group setting 積極參與團體活動
  • Engaging in social interactions 互相交流
  • Meeting new people 主動結識社區人士
  • Sharing experiences in a safe and inclusive environment 在安全的環境中,愉快分享經驗

Program Sessions:

  • July 10: Doctor’s Visit (Part I) – 探訪醫生(第一部份)
  • July 17: Doctor’s Visit (Part II) – 探訪醫生(第二部份)
  • July 24: Walk-in Clinics – 免預約診所
  • July 31: Pharmacy – 藥房
  • Aug 14: Diagnostic Imaging – 影像診斷
  • Aug 21: Laboratory – 化驗所
  • Aug 28: Emergency Room – 急症室
  • Sept 11: Physiotherapy – 物理治療
  • Sept 18: Seeing a Dentist – 見牙醫
  • Sept 25: Optometrist visit – 見驗光師
  • Oct 2: Surgery – 手術
  • Oct 16: Medical Supplies and Equipment – 醫學用品與器具
Program Delivery:
  • Online & In-person (Hybrid Learning) – 網上和現場(混合學習)

Program Outcomes:

  • Improve health-related English vocabulary and conversation 鞏固醫療健康相關的英語詞彙和會話應用
  • Increase confidence when communicating with health service providers 增加與醫療人員溝通的信心
  • Receive social support and enhance relationships with others融入社區,加強與他人的關係,並獲得支持
  • Remove the stigma attached when accessing healthcare services 避免在獲取醫療保健服務時產生歧視感
  • Improve well-being and health outcomes 改善身心健康

Coming this July, August, and September 2023!

此項目將於 2023 年 7 月、8 月和 9 月推出!

Stay tuned with us for this community-based project funded by the federal government of Canada. 


Registration for the Seniors Support Seniors in Health-related English Program 長者健康相關英語課註冊:

Volunteer Orientation for the Seniors Support Seniors to Learn Health-related English program.

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