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Social Determinants of Health

OneHub Growth walks you through the meaning of the social determinants of health (SDOH) and how they impact individuals of all backgrounds, including newcomers. SDOH refers to the non-medical factors that affect your health outcomes. Studies suggest that SDOH accounts for 30-55% of health outcomes (World Health Organization, 2022). In other words, the living conditions you are experiencing can be the primary factors that affect your health and wellbeing (Canadian Facts, 2020).

We use a social justice lens to address health inequality within and between our environments. More importantly, our role is to use the concept of cultural safety to achieve health equity for the newcomer population. There are 17 identified determinants of health. They are:

  • Employment & Working Conditions
  • Unemployment & Job Security
  • Income & Income Distribution
  • Immigration 
  • Race
  • Education
  • Food Security
  • Access to Health & Social Services
  • Gender
  • Housing, Basic Amenities, & the Environment
  • Early Child Development
  • Social inclusion & Non-Discrimination
  • Social Safety Net
  • Disability
  • Geographic Location
  • Globalization
  • Indigenous Status

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