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The Impacts of Employment on Settlement

Despite having considerable skills, immigrants in Canada struggle with long periods of unemployment, underemployment, and precarious employment during their settlement process. The employment challenges that immigrants experience in the Canadian labour market affect all aspects of their settlement lives including income level, housing situations, family relationships, social networks, physical health, mental health, sense of self, personal identities, and others (Wilson, Sakamoto, & Chin, 2017).

  • Sense of Self
  • Mental Health
  • Housing Situations
  • Income Level
  • Physical Health
  • Family Relationships
  • Social Networks
  • Personal Identities

OneHub Growth acknowledges economic integration as a foundational dimension of the immigrant settlement process.

Wilson, R. M., Sakamoto, I., & Chin, M. D. (2017). The labour market and immigrants. In M. C. Yan, & U. Anucha (Eds.), Working with immigrants and refugees (pp. 111-132). Oxford University Press.

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