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集大莊 a place of integration

集大莊 in 1955, Hong Kong

OneHub Growth founder, Eddie Lee, would like to name the organization in Chinese as 集大莊. To honour his grandfather, Eddie picked the name集大莊to pass on the legacy of his grandfather’s Chinese calligraphy brush company, which played an important role in promoting traditional cultural practices in the Hong Kong community. 集大莊means a place of integration. The words “集大成者” were used by the famous Chinese scholar Mencius(孟子) to praise Confucius (孔子) as the one who epitomizes success in career, knowledge, skills, and morality. This is a perfect match for the goal of OneHub Growth, which is, to optimize the strengths and potentials of individuals in the communities.

To continue the legacy...

Since 2018, Eddie has offered programs & services for community members to help them build, bridge, and boost opportunities in the Canadian workforce. With the establishment of OneHub Growth, we began facilitating support for youth, women, new immigrants, and mature workers by equipping them with the necessary skills to expand and grow in their career.

Before the establishment of OneHub Growth, OneHub engaged in the community to deliver newcomers networking groups, support groups for newcomers, Toronto & Markham Library seminars, mentorship, and guest speaker presentations (CICS, JVS Toronto, Job Skills, Skills For Change), LinkedIn workshops, etc.

We support vulnerable members of the community. Living in vulnerable circumstances can be caused by limited capacity or inadequate access to resources and opportunities. Anyone can find themselves in these situations at some point in their life (CIHR, 2018).

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