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We Support, Connect, and Advocate.

OneHub Growth 集大莊 was selected as one of the winners by the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) for our poster that honours the National Social Work Month 2023 and our written testimonial on why we think social work is essential to navigate complex systems. We OneHub Growth. We are social workers who take actions to support, connect, and advocate for social justice.

OneHub Growth: We Support, Connect, and Advocate. We are social workers poster.


We SUPPORT our relationships with people and communities. We are social workers and good listeners who are able to identify one’s strengths within an environment and different systems. With our support, people in our community feel culturally safe within this trusting relationship. At OneHub Growth, our social worker supports newcomers and walks them through their integration journey.


We CONNECT people by using a language of hope. Community members feel valued when having meaningful conversations with social workers. Social workers play a key role in connecting people and resources. We use an equity lens to ensure people, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, age, (dis)ability, and socio-economic status, have access to resources, choices, and autonomy.


We ADVOCATE for social justice. We believe in human rights and want to ensure that everyone can access and exercise their rights. With this social justice orientation in mind, social workers are advocates for social change by looking at a larger system and social issues. OneHub Growth promotes volunteerism and job placements for persons with special needs.

~ Sann F.S. Chan, Social Worker

Gratefully Acknowledges Our Funders

Employment and Social Development Canada
Funded by the Canadian Government of Canada's New Horizons for Seniors Program.
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