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You(th) Got This!

Youth-Led Program

You(th) Got This!

Youth can be the most insightful people to work with. OneHub Growth’s youth-led programs facilitate opportunities for youth to be learners, initiators, decision-makers, leaders, and inspirers. 

“You(th) Got This!” for Newcomer Youth is an employability program designed to:

  • promote culturally sensitive positive youth development (strengthen personal identities and self-exploration)
  • facilitate opportunities for newcomer youth to understand the Canadian job market (develop job search strategies)
  • engage youth in fruitful resume writing (design self-branding)
  • remove language barriers in the interviewing process (practice effective communication)
  • provide opportunities to make connections (facilitate a network for career success)


Program Details: Coming Soon

Program Coach

Jacky Yu (Communications Manager @OneHub Growth)

  • Jacky is an entrepreneur, community builder, and driven youth leader.
  • Jacky worked with different teams, including youth, to build and create start-up organizations in various industries, such as healthcare, IT, etc.
  • He graduated from York University, specializing in healthcare management and has since accumulated a wealth of experience in marketing, IT, and administration.
  • He also has a history of working with non-profits and volunteering at various healthcare institutions.

Program Coach

Eddie Lee (CEO & Founder @OneHub Business Development Centre)

  • Eddie is the founder of OneHub Business Development Centre and Canada Business Enterprise Inc., currently managing over a dozen companies in Canada and overseas as CFO and senior executive.
  • Eddie held a leadership position at Acer Group and helped them setup China operations, implemented special projects including business strategy development, downsizing, cost reductions, process reengineering, strategic relocation, and inventory management.
  • Eddie obtained an EMBA in Supply Chain from the ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.
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