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Persons with Special Needs

Contemporary Realities of Persons with Special Needs

“I lack social skills when meeting new people. It’s hard for me to search for any jobs.” ~ Jessica

“Many of my case management clients who lack social skills have expressed difficulties in finding employment even though they possess skills and knowledge in a specific area.” ~ Sann, a social worker

Persons with special needs experience barriers and challenges in their lives such as lack of social skills, limited social connections, unemployment, income insecurity, lack of access to community resources, social exclusion, and stigmatization. OneHub Growth recognizes the rights of persons with special needs and respects them as People of Determination. We believe that all persons are equal and entitled to any discrimination. Our responsibility is to address and remove their barriers and challenges by helping them identify their own strengths.

Pictured: a selfie of six youth smiling at the camera.

Self-Advocacy Project for Adults

eStore Project for People of Determination

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