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Volunteer-Driven Capacity Building

OneHub Growth would like to offer opportunities for newcomers to benefit from being involved in skills-based volunteering. 


  • Newcomer volunteers can bring and apply their knowledge and specialized skills in their volunteering roles. 
  • Through volunteer-driven capacity building, newcomers not only learn new skills but also gain valuable experiences in working with other people in communities. 
  • It can be a great and rewarding experience for newcomers to put those skills-based volunteering jobs in their resumes during their job-seeking journey. 

Your professional input to our organization is highly appreciated. You may begin your capacity-building efforts by contributing your valuable time, sharing with us your language skills, and bringing previous career experiences to our team.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

We focus on skills-based volunteer engagement through active participation. The following skills-based volunteering roles are open, and they are: 

  • Translator 

If you are proficient in writing Chinese, this is a great opportunity for you to apply your language skills into our organization. Activities include translating English flyers and PowerPoint presentations into the Chinese version. 

  • Tax Preparer 

If you have financing and/or accounting backgrounds in terms of formal education and/or work, you can be a tax preparer for the free tax clinic program throughout the calendar year. 

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