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Volunteer-Driven Capacity Building

OneHub Growth would like to offer opportunities for individuals to benefit from being involved in skills-based volunteering. 


  • Volunteers can bring and apply their knowledge and specialized skills in their volunteering roles. 
  • Through volunteer-driven capacity building, individuals not only learn new skills but also gain valuable experiences in working with other people in communities. 
  • It can be a great and rewarding experience for individuals to put those skills-based volunteering jobs in their resumes during their job-seeking journey. 

Your professional input to our organization is highly appreciated. You may begin your capacity-building efforts by contributing your valuable time, sharing with us your language skills, and bringing previous career experiences to our team.

OneHub Growth supports volunteerism by building an inclusive community. We are a member of Volunteer Canada.

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Current Volunteer Opportunities

We focus on skills-based volunteer engagement through active participation. The following skills-based volunteering roles are open, and they are:

  • Volunteers for Seniors Programs

To support our “Seniors Support Seniors in Health-related English” Program, we recruit retired health professionals such as nurses and doctors who can contribute their time and knowledge to help seniors learn health-related English. 

  • Translator 

If you are proficient in writing Chinese or you have a background in translation, this is an excellent opportunity for you to apply your language skills to our organization. Activities include translating English flyers and PowerPoint presentations into the Chinese version.

  • Tax Preparer

If you have a financial background, such as a CPA, you can be a tax preparer for the free tax clinic program throughout the calendar year.

  • Mentor

If you have professional skills in specific sectors, such as IT and Education, with a minimum of 3 years of full-time experience, you can help others through mentoring. Activities include mentoring for our 1-on-1 mentorship program for newcomers. 

  • Graphics Designer

If you are interested in design and have a background in the arts, this position is for you. Activities may include designing flyers, PowerPoints, and infographics.

* Since we have a waitlist for different volunteering positions, we will contact you once the position that you are interested in is open. 

  • Policy Researcher

If you have a social work or policy background, this is an excellent opportunity to apply your research skills in a community setting. Activities include searching, analyzing, and preparing information in presentation format.

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