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Jean Lumb Foundation

Community Collaboration: Jean Lumb Foundation focuses on developing young university graduates and young professionals by equipping them with a specific skill set based on their individual needs. These skill sets will propel them to a higher level of professional career success, meeting the demands after leaving the academic environment.

Monthly mentoring sessions for 4 to 6 months. Topics during mentoring sessions include interpersonal connections, developing trust, problem-solving, strategy planning, collaboration skills, team building, influencing others and leadership. Jean Lumb Foundation identifies candidates.

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As young people transition from an academic to a professional/career environment, they face challenges they may not recognize. Many lack the skills (soft skills or human skills) to connect with others and become trustworthy. Others do not have the individuality and uniqueness that are labelled as “just another young person.” Also, working in a team with high accountability and the ability to influence others is not easily found. In other words, this program develops a person’s potential and allows them to contribute and offer a higher value to their professional/career environment. This program equips these young people by understanding their goals and challenges and helps them to acquire skills set through 1-on-1 mentoring, practice and constructive feedback.

This program started in 2020 and had participants from the Jean Lumb Award alumni from the last 20 years. These participants are now working in Canada, USA, UK, China and Africa. OneHub Growth continues to engage the Jean Lumb Award alumni to enhance their readiness to face the professional world.

Photos from the Jean Lumb Foundation award ceremony on October 22nd, 2022.

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