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Community Wellbeing &
Social Services

As the third pillar, our community programs and social services seek to address today’s social issues such as unemployment, poverty, and housing needs. With a social justice orientation, we are committed to using a community-based approach to deliver quality case management services to people in need. We believe that everyone should have equitable access to the services they need and should not be stigmatized because of one’s socio-economic status (SES), age, gender, and race. 

Based on these beliefs, our services address the issue of local poverty, support low to modest-income families, and strive to improve social conditions. Working with individuals, families, and communities, our community and social services follow core social work values and principles (CASW, 2005). 

  1. Respect for inherent dignity and worth of persons
  2. Pursuit of social justice
  3. Service to humanity
  4. The integrity of professional practice
  5. Confidentiality in professional practice
  6. Competence in professional practice

Free Tax Clinic

Offered throughout the calendar year for low-to-modest income individuals.

We offer culturally competent services through English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

One-on-one Services

The overall goal of our one-on-one services is to provide needs-based support and helpful resources to clients. With self-determination, people can mobilize their own resources, skills, and capabilities so that they can maximize the use of community resources.

Pictured: new parents with their newborn child

Family Hub

As a part of community well-being, Family Hub emphasizes the importance of family involvement across lifespans.  We plan programs based on families’ and caregivers’ needs. Positive outcomes may include improved parenting skills, healthier social interactions among family members, and reduced stress.

Pictured: An Asian couple playing instruments together. The husband is playing the acoustic guitar and the wife is playing the maracas.

Seniors' Voices

OneHub Growth hears and values the voices of seniors. We respond to this conversation by creating a platform to acknowledge seniors and their contributions to the community. Our community well-being programs address inclusion and equity by adding seniors’ voices. Seniors can utilize their prior knowledge and pass their skills on to others.

Community Collaboration

OneHub Growth empowers and engages the community by working with community partners. We share common goals of creating a sense of belonging and respecting the rights of marginalized groups.

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